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Don’t love shopping or just need some help? Want some new wardrobe items to help get that job or promotion? Have a specific event or invite that doesn’t match up with anything in your closet?


I can help define your style and build your wardrobe selections. I’ll shop with you… or for you! I’ll scout out the pieces you need at the best prices, unearth those finds-of-a-century, and show you how it all works together. I’ll assess everything – your lifestyle, body type, age and budget – to make sure you get the best looks for you, and I’ll do the returns for you.

Wardrobe Styling

Need help in determining an overall look and feel of event, shoot or interior space? I got you!


I'll help you with the vision and create fashion mood boards to clearly articulate aesthetic goals. I'll go shopping based on your vision and can also provide model recommendations based on desired aesthetic. Don't worry, I'll also communicate with all parties involved to ensure that all visuals stay true to your vision.

Creative Direction

Do you stand in front of your closet full of clothes and claim you have nothing to wear? You’re not alone! All you need a fresh set of eyes and that’s where I come in.


I’ll review your wardrobe and help decide what goes, stays or could use some tweaking to maximize your investments. I’ll help create your own individual “brand”, find great looks from what’s in your closet already, photograph it for easy recall and create a shopping list of what you’ll need to help build a stylish wardrobe.

Personal Shopping

Let's Werk Together


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