Fresh Wrap and a Doobie

Taking it back to the old days when girls would wrap their hair at night to make sure their doobie was laid & set in the morning.

If you stay up to date with the latest hair trends & colors like myself, then you would be familiar with how this trend came around to be worn as an actual hairstyle outdoors. It all started when Rihanna graced the red carpet of the 2013 music awards. Even though it took a little minute for young women like myself to really hon in on this style, we've caught up to it in the year 2017, and have been embracing it ever since.

When I knew I had to have my hand at this trend, I knew it couldn't be any ole kind of doobie wrap. It had to be different. I knew I had to keep that urban feel of the wrap, yet add some class to it. I was in the mindset of Lil Kim from the 90's. With the platinum blonde hair & the ever so cute sunglasses she would wear. I knew I had to have on light pink & nudes.

Those colors were just speaking to me from the start.

I wanted something classy, yet vintage and ultra feminine so I pulled out this pink skirt from my closet that I got from thrifting. I like to call this skirt pink flamingo. Because of the tulle detailing at the bottom, how it just fluffs out.

Next, I paired it with a nude bralette that i also got while thrifting. I thought this bralette would go so cute because of the swans stitched on the cups and sheer netting.

I threw on a cropped denim jacket to add that urban feel. I was trying to create to break apart from being too classy. Finishing it off with my accessories. The clear heels trend always goes well with edgy or classy looks in my opinion. Especially when you want to step outside the box.

My cat eye sunglasses added the classic vintage feel that I was going for. Last but not least I had to add my vintage Chanel button earrings. Because let's be for real.... What's this look without some Chanel?!

Outfit Details


Top: Bralette Thrifted

Skirt: Thrifted (Can be purchased at


Earrings: Vintage Chanel

Sunglasses: Venice Beach (Board Walk Vendor)

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