50's Inspired

I'm an old soul who loves classic movies (like the legendary Grease) and timeless fashion. I've been wanting to wear these Royal blue high wasted pants for a minute now. Just didn't have anywhere to where them to. Recently, I was invited out to lunch at this popular 50's inspired diner over the weekend. I knew it was time to break out these pants! When I first purchased them from the thrift store.. I had the look I was going for in mind. They gave me the feel of the 50's and Grease. If you know me then you know I'm big on moto jackets and having them drapped across my shoulder. Which Betty Rizzo and her gang wore in the movie. I paired these blue satin pants with my DO IT WITH FASHION moto jacket (That my sister and I custom made). I needed a cute midriff top that had a unique print & pattern. Something that was inexpensive & 50's inspired as well so I took a plain black bralett and added a .99 cent black & white checkered board bandanna from hobby lobby sewing it unto the bralette.

Keeping my shoes simple and chic. I paired this look with my white pointy toe pumps. Because this style of pump is timeless and similar to what almost every woman wore in the 50's. I wanted my accessories to be edgy & funky. So I threw my (I love shoes) clutch into the mix. With my Fendi inspired cateye sunglasses. I was so impressed with how well my outfit matched the diners theme. I had to have a mini photoshoot!

Outfit Details

Jacket: Forever21 (Hand Painted Writing On The Back By My Sister & I)

Bralette: Custom made

Pants Thrifted (Can be purchased at www.Immacula.co)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clutch: Payless (Can be purchased at www.Immacula.co)

Sunglasses: Can be purchased at www.Immacula.co)

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