You should never be ashamed of who you are or where you've been. You should never be ashamed of your flaws or mistakes. Because those are the things that make you, who you are. I'm not ashamed to say i'm not perfect & far from it! I'm not ashamed to be me and my true authentic self. So neither should you!

Be unapologetic-ally UNASHAMED!

I found this really cool T-shirt. At a local thrift store during the weekend. It spoke to me in so many ways. I tho the meaning behind it was so bold & fierce. I just had to have it. I wanted to base my entire outfit. Around this T-shirt & how it made me feel. So I paired it with this dope leather skirt (with silver zipper detailing & asymmetric cut) that I picked up while thrifting as well. This skirt is so sexy I was feeling ultra feminine yet bold, and fierce in it. (It put me in the mindset of a punk rocker).

To break up the black and white color scheme, I wanted to add some color. Something bright yet daring. So I threw on my royal blue, turkey feathers fur coat. I'm so into the fur coat hanging off your shoulders trend it's obsessive. I love this trend because you can still wear your thin fur coats. With looks like this & not be too hot!

I wanted to keep my shoes and accessories simple. So I threw on my white pointy toe pumps & clear Estee Lauder clutch. I love the clear handbag trend. It's so cute to see all the girly items. One can hold in her handbag. Last but not least. I added my multi-colored diamond choker necklace. Because what's a bold look without a choker!?

Outfit Details


Skirt: Thrifted (Can Be Purchased at www.Immacula.co)

Fur Coat: Ebay.com

Shoes: ChristianLouboutin

Clutch: Estee Lauder Thrifted​

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