Sporty Chic Trend

If you're like myself, you like to stay updated with some of the latest fashion trends and recreating high end designer looks for a reasonable price!

Lately, I've been really in love with the sporty chic trend that's been making all the head lines for Milan Fashion Week 2016 and the 70s classic snap back basketball pants. A lot of celebrities like Rihanna & Kim Kardashian have been spotted in lately as well as Fendi's cropped cutout sweater. That price point runs for $549. I loved these two trends so much that I knew I had to have my hand at them and challenge myself to recreate a sporty chic look at a reasonable price.

I went on a weeks long man hunt in search for the right pair of snapback pants in local thrift stores. I found these Nike shiny dark blue pair at my local thrift store located in the mens section.

Once I found the pants my look still wasn't complete. I needed to find the perfect top, to pull of the Fendi cutout sweater look. I took to my closet & pulled out a long sleeve, cropped turtle neck. That I purchased from some years ago.

Still my look wasn't complete. I needed something around my stomach to achieve the cutout look. So I added a black belt around my stomach from one of my little black dresses. Adding the belt idea around my stomach gave me the Fendi cutout look but also adding my own little flavor to the look. To be inspired yet not copying & giving you that surprise detailing in the back. (The belt buckle)

Outfit Details


Pants: Thrifted (But can be purchased at


Belt: Thrifted

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