The Blondes Take New York Fashion Week

With the launch of my new fashion website. What's a better way to kick off New York Fashion week 2017?! Okay, so I've noticed platinum blonde and greyish blonde hair is the trend this year for fashion week. It's funny because I decided to rock this trend for my video shoot for the launch of my new site (which can be found on my Instagram account @Immacula__) without even knowing it would be on trend this year! It was just a gut feeling of mine. To go for the blonde hair, I believe that's the funny thing about fashion & trends: you just have to know what feels right to you and go with it. So far, I've noticed a lot of famous celebs & popular Instagram girls rocking the trend, so I decided to showcase my favorite ones.

Before we jump into those, lets talk about what I wore for my video shoot. I wanted to wear something comfortable and flowy, something that would film well on camera & add extra drama whenever I walked. I decided to wear my Nike tear away pants (Which can be located In the shop section on the site) with a plain bandu top from Forever21. The top was too plain for me. I needed to add a little more flavor, so I decided to go to Hobby Lobby (craft store) and find some black ribbon. I decided to make bandage straps going across my stomach and shoulders. This look was so edgy to me and at an affordable price. What's funny is after I did this trend (8/25/17) for my video shoot, I see 13 days later Kim Kardashian wearing a similar dress that embodied my top with greyish- blonde hair for NYFW! (Great minds think alike lol ;-) .

Now let's jump right into my favorite blonde looks this fashion week. You know we had to start it off with my girl Kim K! I loved how she styled the blonde hair with this mustard yellow blazer (worn as a dress) & clear yeezy heels. I love how she takes basic pieces and make entire looks out of them (so simple yet so chic).

Next on the list is Teyana Taylor. I loved Teyana's color so much, esp on her complexion. This look was everything on her to me. Not only did she slay this color, she slayed NYFW!


Top: Custom Made


Shoes: Ego Official

Rings: Psycho Sisters

Photographers: @Khristef, @Dripton_Powell


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