The Metallic Mini

Summer Is ending & fall is near but that doesn't mean we have to put away our mini skirts so fast! I've had this silver retro mini skirt from forever21 for years now! Just never wore it, couldn't get around to pairing it with anything. Until recently I matched it with this green pull over sweat shirt that I picked up from my local thrift shop. I felt like the bright green set off the silver so well, it was the perfect match. I've seen the silver mini skirt & shorts done a few times in the past. Yet the one that stood out to me the most, was when Zendaya wore hers. Paired with a white button down blouse & silver open toe sandals. (Styled By Law Roach: Aka Luxury Law). I was determined, to create a look just as stylish as hers.

I wanted to pair this ensemble. With my white pointy toe pumps by (Christian Louboutin). I felt like the white was plain and simple. Not making the other two colors clash. If anything making them standout more. This look was so edgy and sexy to me. It reminded me of something one of my favorite fashionista's (Laura Govan) would have worn. She's known for a sexy pointy toe pump paired with short mini skirts, showing off her great legs.

I was going to go with a bright red lip at first, but decided not to. It was going to clash and mess up my color scheme. So I stuck with a simple nude lip by NYX lingerie collection In the color "Embellished". Knowing me and my love for wigs. I had to break out the platinum blonde wig for this one! I felt like my darker hair would have made this outfit so dull. It wouldn't of gave me that Mhm I was looking for. Before choosing I went thru a process of elimination. I tried both wigs on with this outfit. Which ever one that stood out to my hair stylist & I the most won. As you can see Madonna did lol!

For accessories I wanted to keep it minimum while still making a statement. For earrings I decided to go with my silver chandelier earrings. That I got from a really cool whole sale store. That's open to the general public now. Located here in Memphis Tennessee named Jun Lee. Next I threw on these really dope aviator sunglasses. That I found off of for a really low affordable price. My look was finally complete and I was ready to hit the town! While out & about on the scene. I got so many compliments and head turns in this cute little number. I felt like a chic, edgy space cadet lol! (This outfit can now be purchased at

OutFit Details

Sweat Shirt: located in the shop section

Skirt: located in the shop section

Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Photographer: Demarcus Bowser

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