Fatigued About Fall

Even though camo print,"or what some would call" army fatigue. Never went out of style; in my opinion. I noticed recently it's making a come back on my timeline. Funny thing is this summer I snagged up a lot of camo! Not realizing; it would be every where this September.

These pictures of mine were taken the beginning of summer and posted on my timeline July 31st. See that's the funny thing about trends."You just have to know what's hot, before everyone else makes it hot"! It's now September and I'm happy to see all my fly girls on board! So this was the perfect time to post this blog feature. To keep you lovely ladies updated on what's hot this fall. If you didn't already know!

I've actually had this jumpsuit going on 1-2 years now. Worn it twice, but decided to break it out this summer. I wanted to try something different this time. So I decided to wear it as pants, tied around my waist instead of completely on. I was going for the oversized baggy look (which has always been a trend). A trend that some just don't quite get yet, but soon will! lOl ;-)

With this look I wanted to keep the focus on my pants. So I paired them with a nude bralette from Rebdolls.com. I couldn't decide on which shoes. I knew I wanted pointy toe pumps to keep it chic, but couldn't decide on which pair. It was between red, burgundy or black. I debated for days on this (and yes it's that serious!) Finally coming to a conclusion the burgundy stood out to me the most.

From the start I knew my accessories had to be edgy. I wore my two tone aviator sunglasses; from Retrocitysunglasses.com. With a chunky link chain necklace I found at the thrift store. Which wasn't a necklace until I made it one. This now necklace was once apart of an ugly hat that I got for only a $1.

Short hair was a must for this look. I didn't want long hair to over crowd this outfit. It gave me the edge and trendy chic look I was going for.

Outfit Details

Bralette: Rebdolls.com

Jumpsuit: www.Immacula.co (located in the shop section)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Necklace: Made By:Immacula from a chain off an old hat

Sunglasses: www.Immacula.co (located in the shop section)

Photographer: Demarcus Bowser


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