Thoughts Of You

March 31st 6:26am in the morning. Up thinking about you wondering how you sleep at night knowing you hurt me. Rage is what I feel in my chest, up contemplating when I should be the one getting some rest.

Cardi B - Be careful playing in the head phones.

When she said "I poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit" I felt that on a deeper level. You made me feel like I fell in love with the devil. You made me feel like we connected on a deeper level.

How soon we forget...what happened to our bond? Making promises and shit. I should of known you was a lying son of a bitch. Some days I wanna snap but ima hold my composure. Cause If I vent and let it out you just gone label me crazy. So ima sit back and act like a lady. I wish I could be like you though cold and heartless.

You use to blame everything on that fucking liquor! I hate myself for not learning my lesson quicker. I thought you was the one, but I see now all that is done. I don't trip though cause i know your karma. Gone be a bid for all the shit that you did.

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