Dear Beautiful: You Are Amazing

You are so kind & so sweet. You put others before yourself all the time & that really bothers me. You are such a beautiful woman, why do you settle for less? You are too beautiful for that, and i don't just mean look wise either.

Your soul is so pure you are just one of a kind. You should stop stooping so low & settling for less. You need to standup & know your worth & full potential. You are more than someone's door mat or someone's secret. You are more than just a friend or side chick. You are someone's wife not someone's sometimes or second priority. You are someone's main priority, first option & not just a back burner. Not someone he can so easily play games with. Not someone he can make wait until he's ready to commit.

You are amazing & bring too much to the table to settle for less than you deserve. Forget half ass love my dear you deserve the world! You deserve it all so stop settling for less beauty.

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